Welcome dear visitor at Hotel Eden

Hotel Eden is located at the beach, surrounded by beautiful Abruzzo landscape, and offer all of the best, state-of-the-art services one would expect in modern accommodation.
Guests have access to the private beach, swimming-pool, large garden with solarium and relaxation areas, children’s playground.

“Smiling is a universal sign of welcome”

famiglia_zoomThe Ricci family have been in the hotel industry since 1954 when, thanks to the efforts and entrepreneurial abiliti of Mrs Rosa and her husband Mr Terzo, their first hotel opened up on the coast of Romagna.
This great wealth of experience was then transferred to Alba Adriatica by their son, Alfredo. Together with his wife Elde and the rest of his family, Mr Alfredo has been managing this haven of peace for 40 years, with great care and dedication.
Particular care is paid to the preparation of meals, a feather in the Hotel Eden’s cap.
The restaurant serves sophisticated as well as real, traditional food, with a wide range of meat and fish dishes based on fresh, local ingredients.
Here at Hotel Eden, hospitality is not simply a matter of tradition, but a sheer pleasure…